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Thank You

I want to take a few moments to say Thank You. To each and every one of you.

I think we underestimate the importance of appreciation in our lives, and in our work. For many of us, we are modest by nature. We shrug off the thank you’s that we get from our clients and their families. It is our job. It is what we do. It makes us happy to help. No need to say Thank You.

The happy Thank You’s may come regularly. Thank you for a great session. Thank you for rescheduling me. Thank you for fitting me in. Thank you for helping me make a decision. These are wonderful moments. We could learn to accept these moments. It is okay to feel like you did well. A little bit of pride doesn’t take away from your clinical effectiveness. But thank you for your humility.

I want to Thank You today for all of the other things. Thank you for being patient when clients have to miss appointments. Thank you for not giving up when you feel like your clients (and you) are stuck. Thank you for filing that 51A (child safety). Thank you for sending that client to the hospital against their will. Thank you for setting limits.

Thank you for sometimes losing sleep over your clients, for questioning if you did everything that you could. Thank you for your endless thirst for knowledge and improvement. Thank you for not giving up when you are exhausted and worn down.

Thank you for perfectly managing your personal life and family responsibilities, without letting it impact your clinical work. Thank you for leaving your work behind when you head home to be with your family. Especially on the days that you feel like you haven’t done these. You are doing the best that you can, so Thank You.

Dr. Baker is the owner of a group private practice in Massachusetts. She is also the administrator of a supportive community for clinicians through Areas For Growth. This community includes access to step-by-step support and guidance in how to develop your own private practice. Develop Your OWN Successful Private Practice

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