Consultation Services

We provide one time or ongoing consultation services to individuals, family members, and other professionals. 



We provide mental health and substance abuse evaluations as well as psychological testing.

  • Assessment of past and current symptoms and mental health treatment

  • Assessment of patterns of substance use, sobriety pattern, and history of treatment

  • Evaluation of current needs and resources

  • Diagnostic and treatment recommendations.


Drug Use Education Course

An intensive 8-week course. This course can be attended in person, or via web-conference. 

Goal of Group:
Throughout our lives, many of us are exposed to drugs in one way or another. For some of our clients, drugs become a normal part of their daily lives. As a result, they may have difficulty understanding the impact that drugs have had on their lives, and the impact that drugs continue to have on their lives.
This group was created to help individuals identify the extent to which drugs play a part in their lives, whether through their own drug use, use of drugs by the people in their lives, or through selling drugs. The goal of this group is to help people gain more insight as to the impact of drug use in order to empower them to remove drugs from their daily lives.  
Target Audience:
-Recreational drug users
-“Functioning” drug users—People in the precontemplative stage of change
-Individuals who have sold drugs
-First or Early offenders: Possession, Distribution
-Offenders of drug related charges such as Breaking & Entering, Larceny, Credit Card/Check Fraud, Negligent Operation, etc.

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Online Courses

  • Anger management: A step-by-step course which enables you to effectively manage your anger and improve your relationships, once and for all.

  • Your Private Practice: A step-by-step course to help clinicians establish their own private practice.

  • Overview of Mental Health and Substance Use Services: A complimentary presentation on available mental health and substance abuse services.


Individual & Couples Therapy

We provide counseling for individuals
ages 17+ as well as couples counseling. 
We specializes in areas related to:

  • Dual diagnoses 

  • Adult survivors of childhood trauma

  • Anger management

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Adjustment and support around legal complications 

  • Relationships conflicts


Trainings & Supervision

We offer a variety of seminars, trainings, and LMHC supervision opportunities. 

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