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Substance Use Disorder Treatment

At Baker Mental Health all of our clinicians specialize in identifying, evaluating, and treating substance use disorders. We offer a variety of services and work closely with various community providers to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible. 

Our services include:

1. Comprehensive substance use evaluations

2. Individualized treatment for the identified client.

3. Referrals to MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) (when appropriate) and ongoing collaboration

    with the MAT provider.

4. Referrals to intensive inpatient or outpatient services when needed.

5. Supportive counseling and educational opportunities for family members of the identified client. 

6. Family and/or couples counseling

7. Collaboration with primary care physicians and/or psychiatrists to assist in proper         

    psychopharmacological intervention.

7. Group counseling services*

*The clinicians at Baker Mental Health provide group therapy services at a number of local substance use disorder residential treatment areas in Worcester County. 

**If you are interested in having a substance use or dual diagnoses group operated at your location or program, please contact us at

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