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Consultation Services

We provide one time or ongoing consultation services to individuals,
family members, and other professionals. 


Individuals and Families: 

We provide confidential consultation to assist you with any mental health or substance related questions or concerns.  Whether you have questions about services for yourself or a loved one, we offer you an opportunity to get confidential and professional support and recommendations. 

"How do I get my loved one help for their substance use?"

"What resources are available for my daughter's anxiety?"

"My wife is experiencing postpartum depression, what can I do to help?"

"I am having trouble controlling my anger, what services are available to me?"

Businesses and Professionals: 

We provide one time or ongoing consultation 
services to a variety of different professionals and agencies (such as lawyers, medical practitioners, educational establishments, criminal justice agencies, and private businesses).  

Are you experiencing difficulty with a staff member related to suspected substance use or mental illness?


Do you have a client who you feel needs more support, but are not sure what that means, or what is available?


Is your client involved with the legal system, and you want to proactively get them set up with mental health and/or substance use services?


Do you want to know what the court appointed mental health professional is likely recommend?

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