We provide mental health and substance abuse evaluations as well as psychological testing. Dr. Baker is a CPCS vendor, specializing in trauma, mental health, and addiction. 


Mental health and substance abuse evaluations include: 
  • Assessment of past and current symptoms and mental health treatment

  • Assessment of patterns of substance use, sobriety pattern, and history of treatment

  • Evaluation of current needs and resources

  • Diagnostic and treatment recommendations.



Psychological testing consists of a comprehensive assessment as well as the utilization of assessment instruments in order to assess areas such as: 
  • Intelligence testing (Including identification of strengths and weaknesses)

  • Evaluating learning style (including assessing for ADHD)

  • Evaluating mental health symptoms and psychopathology (for diagnostic clarification)

  • Personality testing

  • Neuropsychological testing (to evaluate possible decline in cognitive ability, such as problems with memory)